We invite you to share with us the impact that FOOTPRINTS has had in your life, as well as your personal journey, as a pilgrim to Santiago, if you have already had such beautiful experience. By sharing your own steps you might encourage others, to follow the same way. Thank you for letting us walk along with you!


Stacey Wittig says:

I am leaving for my sixth Camino in two months. I typically go “solo,” yet Footsteps gave me insight into the group experience. The documentary made me feel like I got to know the young pilgrims personally. I just wrote on my blog movie review, “And as on any Camino adventure, they laughed, they cried, they overcame obstacles. But what the movie did for me, it made ME laugh, it made ME cry and it made me believe that I could overcome life’s obstacles.”

As soon as the lights came up, I leaned over to my Camino friend and said, “I’ve got to go to Gilbert (Arizona) and meet these guys. You can’t imagine my delight when we met Ivan Rojas, one of the pilgrims, in the theater after the show. God gives me the desires of my heart! Please add my blog review to your “News.” You may find it at

Buen Camino, Stacey Wittig
Camino Author
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Geert Van Emelen says:

I am Geert from Belgium, 46 years old. In 2015 I walked the camino from my home to Fisterra(1900 miles) . I walked it with a walking trailer (wheelie /radical design). It was a life changing experience for me. Next year I am going to walk ‘la plata’ (seville-santiago/700 miles). I would love to see this documentary . Can I order it by any way ? Is it coming out on Netflix ?

Ultreia !

Maciek says:

I went through Camino in August this year (from Porto). When I first heard about Footprints, my first thought was ok, this is probably next “nice”film about the Camino.
But when I started to watch a movie, at some point I started crying. Because the movie is so true. All of my memories and emotions of the Camino, returned with full force during the screening of the film. Tying up relationships, community building, emotions and experiences accompanying with this journey, are shown so real that I could not hold back emotion.
Thank you with all my heart for this movie, I have a deep conviction that his message is able to wake up many people.

Gabriela G. says:

I loved it! The movie surprised me… didn’t expect it. Your testimonies were worth hearing and I believe God said something to everyone throught this movie… The scene with Troy talking straigth to you touched the depth of my heart. In Father Sergio’s eyes I saw heaven. Thank you!

Tammy Legerski says:

I walked the Camino Frances and Fisterra in September/October 2013 as a celebration of my 60th birthday in 2014. I knew I could not do it when I came to SJPP and yet I completed and also walked to Muxia and Finisterre. In my life, it is my personal greatest accomplishment. The morning I walked into Santiago, I felt young, refreshed, reborn and accomplished. I am happy from the inside out. It is like I have not come off the trail. I am in the thought process of living for today, being thankful for all my blessings, living with no regrets and nothing will take away my inner peace.

Eileen bruno says:

i like to see ths movie because i will too walk with carrying the fatima statue carry her all way and pray and to be strong in faith and understand the will of God

Cayce Chalk says:

I have walked the Camino Frances and the Camino Portuguese with my husband of 33 years. The Camino for me was like birthing children. When you look back you barely remember the pain you went through and are left with all the beauty that comes with such an experience.

Silvia Bollinger says:

I am looking forward to seeing your movie hopefully next year here in Texas. Last year I completed two Caminos. Camino Frances which I did as a promise to my mother. I carried her ashes with me. It took me 7 years for that dream to come true and keep my promise. The second Camino Portugues was right after finishing the CF where I heard Spirit calling me to continue to walk, so I did. After 900 + miles I completed 2 Caminos one in honor of my mother and the other one to find myself. I am dedicated my book: A Promise Kept and my lessons and transformation along the Way. Blessings on your journeys!

Sue Bangert says:

The movie was so fabulous! Such an amazing journey these pilgrims went on! The scenery of Spain was also very beautiful. Getting to know each pilgram was interesting, and their words of wisdom are spiritual and inspirational! We are all better off having watch this movie and their journey! This is a must see movie event! They are all so blessed! Buen Camino ❤

sally says:

What a wonderful movie it is awesome God bless you Fr Sergio and all of the men who went on this amazing walk Love and peace of Jesus to each of you

Mark Patrick says:

My wife and son and I attended this incredible documentary last night. It is uplifting and some of the most beautiful footage I have ever seen. I really hope that this movie makes it’s way around the world for others to enjoy. Congratulations to Fr. Sergio Fita, and the many familiar faces in the movie that made the pilgrimage. If you have not seen this yet – Go online and get tickets at Chandler Fashion Square. We attended the 6:25 movie on Wednesday night and it was packed. So awesome!

Jay Hopkins says:

This is movie is not religious – it is spiritual, and one of the best documentaries I have ever seen! The participants share from their hearts the good, the bad and the ugly they have experienced in their lives, and where they are now in their walk with the Lord. The photography of the landscape is stunning, but also of the people. Best of all, the spiritual insights gained are priceless.

Kathryn C McDonald says:

Finally!!! A movie you can enjoy with your whole family free of a post Christian culture worldview. Sacred scripture tells us to not conform to the pattern of this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. This is the kind of film that reminds us of how precious our faith is, and to seek to please God through our perseverance and by being hopeful. This documentary is for anyone(Catholic or non Catholic) who are interested in the pursuit of truth and beauty.

Jackie says:

I walked the French Camino (kinder, gentler 100km) with my 82 year old mom in May 2016. It was the most amazing experience for both of us, she said it was the most memorable experience of her life, wow! I even carried with me a stone that been blessed by a priest from my high school and left it at the Iron Cross in memory of an alumnae who had been murdered on the Camino in 2015. An incredibly powerful journey. I cant wait to see your movie and relive the experience with you and your pilgrims. Buen Camino, Jackie

Karrindy says:

Beautiful website! I have not seen your movie nor will it come to where I am; the Caribbean. I am however a fellow pilgrim. For the ladies who are reading this, I left my tiny island, alone, entering Europe for the first time, to walk the Camino. I walked the Camino Frances in March-April of 2016. For me, it was magical: the pain, the people, the weather, the love, the laughs; it’s something I will never forget. Along the path I discovered many truths about myself and I formed a new family with fellow Pilgrims. I truly hope others are inspired by your work to make the trek and follow their dreams.

Marianela says:

Hice el camino el año pasado y ha sido el mejor viaje de mi vida, traigan la película a Panama. Con mi historia que comparti con amigos muchos se han animado y han echo el camino. El camino cambió por completo mi manera de ver la vida y disfrutar las cosas simples que nos dá la vida y dar gracias a Dios que me dió esta oportunidad de encontrarme a mi misma.

Pilar Soler says:

I enjoyed the film, althougt I missed more accurate comments o thougths. I watched the film with my daugther. She made te Way three years ago, when se came back home, she had no nails on her feet. But she enjoyed the experience.

Paz says:

Gran película sobre los principales valores del camino de la vida: esfuerzo, capacidad de superación, ayuda a los demás, amistad…
¡Enhorabuena a Juan Manuel Cotelo y a todo su equipo!

Paloma says:

Enhorabuena por la película. Impacta y hace reflexionar. La fotografia IMPRESIONANTE.

Roy Draggoo. (Matts dad) says:

Hola Fr. Sergio!
It is good to see you again! You and your fellow pilgrims are never far from any conversations Matt and I have about our own 2014 journey on the Camino del Norte. We both continue to share thoughts and feelings about our adventure even as time continues its relentless march. Congratulations on the completion of your epic trek and my very best to you.
Buen Camino!

Lourdes Miramontes says:

Completely amazing! May God bless all these amazing men!- Buen Camino

Miguel says:

We are a Portuguese group of friends,the oldes 73 the eldest 33,since 2009 we have allready made mores than 2500 Kms
we made a book not a movie
if you want i can send you a PDF copy
the camino only starts when you finish it for the firs time,after that continous…this year we made the Francigeno ,from Rome to Assis,first night in Rome we were robbed,imagine your self without clothes ,underwear,sock boots hihgienic produts at 1 am in the moornig and we have to strat walking at 8:am…if you want a good strory we are 32 to count the story ….

Footprints The Film